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Welcome to the ninth edition of our newsletter - never sitting still, as we progress our product and our fundraising.

Louise Thomas
May 10, 2024

Welcome to the ninth edition of our newsletter - never sitting still, as we progress our product and our fundraising. This newsletter is aimed at investors, collaborators, future hires and early adopters of our products.

This week saw World Asthma Day, which prompted us to think more deeply about the impact of air pollution on this widespread disease, as well as engage more with our new partners in Every Breath Counts Coalition. Air pollution poses a significant challenge to asthmatics, especially those who maintain an active lifestyle. At Air Aware Labs, our first product is already proving to be a painkiller for asthmatics who exercise. We want to reduce the cost of asthma to the health service (£1 billion in the UK alone) with our real-time, high-resolution air quality modelling enabling individuals to avoid pollution hotspots, plan safer outdoor activities, and minimise their exposure to harmful air pollutants. Please join us on this mission - Personalising Air Quality, for everyone.


Hot off the press

  • we are getting ready for our next feature roll outs for our Strava integration. To support this we have been deep in user interviews, which has been incredibly insightful. We also delight in getting unsolicited feedback from users (even when it's challenging!) as this is telling us that our product is meaningful for people, far and wide
  • we have been focusing on some strategic issues such as our data strategy and approach towards intellectual property. One of the joys of start ups is working across the board and making everything hang together consistently. Thank you to our advisers for bringing the expertise to make this happen!
  • our fundraising has really picked up in the last couple of weeks and we now have significant commitments. Talk to us or see our listings on UKBAA, Barclays demo directory, Dealroom, Envestors and fundmypitch (forthcoming).


Go with us towards clean air


Meet the advisers

Our wonderful advisers are also providing huge help to us. This week we are meeting Adesola Adebowale, our finance adviser. Adesola is a venture capital investor with an interest in early-stage startups. Over the last four years, she has invested in Pre-seed to Series A companies across Europe, the US, and the emerging markets. Before her time in venture capital, she worked in investment banking in New York and London at UBS and Barclays. Adesola holds a Masters in Finance from London Business School and an undergraduate degree in engineering from Loughborough University. As an investor, she sees a growing interest in climate technologies; however, solutions addressing air quality specifically - an unspoken challenge in big cities such as London - are few and far between.

Adesola says: As a scientist at heart, I am very excited by what Air Aware Labs is building. From providing the necessary information for athletes to optimise their performance to enabling individuals with underlying health conditions to manage their exposure, the applications are vast, and the solution is relevant and interesting. The team has gotten off to an exciting start, and I look forward to our continued partnership and to seeing what the future holds!


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