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Welcome to the thirteenth edition of our newsletter - as we get deep into product development, build our company partnerships and expand our team.

Louise Thomas
July 5, 2024

Welcome to the thirteenth edition of our newsletter - as we get deep into product development, build our company partnerships and expand our team. This newsletter is aimed at investors, collaborators, future hires and early adopters of our products.

Delving into the Health Effects Institute annual report on air pollution has brought up lots of insightful (and worrying) data. On particular thread is on the impact on children, where air pollution is now cited as the second leading risk factor for children under five. This leads to 2000 children dying globally every day as a result of poor air quality. In London, around 300 hospital admissions a year for children with asthma can be attributed to air pollution. Our healthcare system is beginning to take action, including the establishment of the UK's first air pollution clinic for children. We aim to support families with concerns about their children's exposure with our products. Please join us on our mission - Personalising Air Quality, for everyone.


Hot off the press

  • voting is open in the Climate Action: Sustainable Impact Award category of the BeLambeth Awards 2024! Thank you to everyone who has voted so far and we would love any more votes - it takes seconds! We are up against some large organisations in based in Lambeth
  • we have been deep into product design and development for our premium AirTrack offer, building user testing groups and professionalising our design and communications (no more scrappy start up!) Over the next few editions, we will feature stories from users about what Air Aware Labs means to them
  • we've pitched at the Reset Connect climate conference, which has given us some great leads. We are also deepening corporate partnerships across many aspects of health from high risk pregnancy and neonatal, to dementia and respiratory, and through to active travel and outdoor sports. We hope to announce some key partnerships in the coming weeks and months!


Go with us towards clean air


Meet our users

Meet Noelle Morgan ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, one of our early adopters! Noelle says: running has been a huge part of my life for decades. I currently run about 4 times a week. I suffer from asthma and bronchiectasis and cardiovascular exercise has been life changing for me. Whenever I go to see my respiratory consultant and he checks my lungs, breathing and peak flow, he always says “ Whatever you are doing, keep doing it”. That is the only validation I need.

I do voluntary work for Asthma UK and am passionate about improving patient outcomes for those living with lung disease (including my own), so when I came across Air Aware Labs on Linked In through a mutual contact, I was all over it.   The more data the better! I love looking at my runs on Strava and seeing how I have improved (or not) and trying to understand why. I notice that when the weather is particularly hot or cold, or perhaps when people have bonfires my breathing suffers. Air pollution exposure is for me like breathing dirty air through a straw and what I love about Air Aware Labs is that through Strava I can see how the air quality is and why a particular run may have been hard.  It’s right there.

I live in a beautiful rural area in the Cotswolds and thought my environment was optimal for my lungs.  Air Aware Labs has shown me that some routes and certain times of day are actually not that great for me. So excited to see the data become more personalised through the next product release.


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